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We all have struggled at some times in our lives with health and/or weight issues. We eat for many different reasons, but the most important reason for our relationship with food should be to keep our bodies healthy and well.

When my mother was only 64 years old she had to undergo a five part heart by-pass surgery. She had seriously neglected her diet and exercise was something she hated. After her surgery, the chief cardiologist of a renowned heart hospital told me that I needed to live a clean and healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise or I would follow in her footsteps. That conversation was enough for me to remain disciplined and committed to my health for all the years of my life thereafter.  I have an added complication in diet control and weight management with a blood sugar problem. But, that challenge only makes me more determined to stay on a positive track. Yes, it takes more work on my part, but it is totally doable.


If you are challenged with weight issues, staying on an exercise regimen, reaching for a healthy snack rather than making a poor choice, health and wellness coaching may be right for you! If you are ready to improve both the mental and physical quality of your life, have more energy, improve the ability to have more fun in life, Susan can help. We will work together in making your dream weight your new reality! Take that first step with a new positive mental outlook and make it happen.